We are tiny dots on the grand I's - IDEAS, INNOVATION and IMPLEMENTATION!

Aim for the Moon *

Primary aim: to facilitate the development of idea and innovation culture and practice.

Secondary aims:

  • To implement innovative projects that improve idea and innovation management
  • To educate the society about the importance of idea and innovation management
  • To stimulate economic development in Latvia through implementation of innovative projects
  • To publish researches and educate about idea management and innovation
  • To consult, support, and participate in implementation of innovative projects
  • To develop new and improve already existing innovation management tools
  • To facilitate creative and innovation culture
  • To collect cases of well implemented innovative projects in Latvia and share these examples to wider public
  • To create and disseminate innovative projects

*if we’ll miss, at least we’ll hit the stars

Young but experienced and with grand aims 

Our founders have dedicated their lives - professional, practical and academic - to idea and innovation management.

‘’Idea and Innovation Institute’’ is the next logical step – achieving more by combining knowledge, competences, and resources. 

The institute was established in 2016.

First steps

We are already working on projects and activities that are in line with our aims:

  • Creativity and innovation training program – Idea Fitness
  • Creativity and innovation training sessions for groups, enterprises and organizations (LIAA, LLKC, ZRKAC)
  • Guest lectures for higher education institutions (RISEBA, BVK, LKK, BA, RTU, LLU)
  • ‘’Speed dating’’ with entrepreneurs (Altum)
  • Support of #ContactCatching initiative
  • Private consolations 
  • Idea management research
  • Participation in international conferences
  •  Publishing of Idea encyclopedias – innovative form of encyclopedias that help to understand innovation and idea management potential
  • Support to youth organizations and initiatives (Student leader forum, Create for the Regions, Rediscovery of National treasures) 

Contacts: Institute chairwoman - Elīna Miķelsone (, +371 26418258)